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The chosen Protector

The chosen Protector

The Protector is appointed to review the decisions of the Board of Trustees and ensures that the purpose and interests of the Pahl Peace Prize Foundation are correctly carried out.

Michael Hellmann

Michael Hellmann founded his own law firm in 1987, having previously spent 10 years as a partner in a well-known law and tax consultancy firm, where his main focus was on insolvency administration.

Based on his 44 years of professional experience, he has been able to provide constructive advice, particularly in the field of corporate restructuring and M & A law, to hundreds of companies, their boards of directors, managing directors, shareholders and entrepreneurs throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.

He has a great deal of expertise in all areas of company and corporate law. In addition, he held the office of notary public for 30 years. Likewise, he has been active as a member of supervisory and advisory boards in companies as well as an executor of wills up to the present time.